Why Use Micro-controller for Internet of Things?



Why Use Micro-controller for Internet of Things?

At first instance, what is a micro-controller? A small computer on a single integrated circuit or development board. There are typically dedicated to one function and are most often embedded in other devices such as house hold electronics etc.

In this article, we explore the reasons why micro-controllers are used for most internet of things applications.

One among the reasons a micro-controller is used for IoT project is that in most use-cases, the simplicity of micro-controller is an advantage. Micro-controller don’t require a dedicated operating system (OS) to function. There are easy to interface with sensors, motors and other electronic components. A micro-controller rarely requires dependencies or extra installation packages and this makes it easy for them to be set-up. The simplicity of the code require to program a micro-controller is very minimal and is very easy to learn.

By virtue of their simplicity, micro-controllers also offer fewer avenues for attack. The code that runs on a micro-controller requires no operating system to execute instructions thereby reducing the chances of potential attack vectors which as a result increases their level of security

A micro-controller can deliver all the processing power and functionality one needs. As micro-controllers are fully integrated onto a single chip, it is easier to manufacture these devices. Usually micro-controllers have much lower specifications than low-power consumer-grade general-purpose micro-processor making them even easier to mass-produce. As a result, micro-controllers are most often the best and most economic hardware choice for IoT applications.

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