Data Logger Shield for Arduino Uno SD Card

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This Arduino data logger shield provides an Arduino Uno, Leonardo, or Mega with the ability to log sensor data to an SD card with the minimum of set-up. The shield provides several useful features such as:

  • Real Time Clock Module which will keep an accurate track of the data and time for up to several years, even when the Arduino is unplugged. 
  • Standard SD card reader is provided to allow FAT16 or FAT32 formatted SD cards up to 32GB in size. It is compatible with the standard SD card library. 
  • The shield also contains appropriate level shifting circuitry to protect the 3.3V interface of your SD card. 
  • A very useful prototyping area consisting of a grid of pads on a standard 0.1" pitch provide an area to add your own components such as sensors to interface to your Arduino board.

Logging temperature data

Size: 68 x 53 x 23mm (approx)

SD card Slot
Coin battery Slot

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