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Grove is a modular system (like Lego) which takes out the complexity of using a breadboard or soldering. Our Grove environment sensor kit is designed to enable you test your environmental applications easily. It is as an ideal gift for a young electronics enthusiast or an electronic hobbyist. The kit includes:

  • UV intensity sensor detects the intensity of incident ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
  • Air quality sensor designed for indoor air quality testing and responsive to a wide scope of harmful gases
  • Temperature & Humidity sensor multifunctional sensor that gives you temperature and relative humidity information at the same time.
  • Loudness sensor detects loudness of sound in the environment. The output value depends on the level of input sound

Connect the Environment sensors directly to your Arduino UNO or breadboard using our Grove 4-pin Male conversion cable; or for a for a wider range of sensors, try out our A Grove Arduino or Intel platform Kits 

Automatic air ventilation
Indoor air quality detector
Humidity regulator


  1. 1 x UV intensity Sensor
  2. 1 x Air quality Sensor
  3. 1 x Temperature & Humidity Sensor
  4.  1 x Loudness Sensor
  5. Grove Cables

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