SW-18020P Electronic Shaking Sensor

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 The SW-18020P Electronic Shaking Sensor is  a unique sensor suitable for toys, anti-theft alarm, electronic scale, instruments and meters, lamp, gift lamp, digital shoes, sports equipment and other products (small current control circuit of trigger).

  • Automotive devices
  • Home electrical devices
  • automatic power-off function for household appliances
  • Air conditon / Air warm blower fall prevention protect switches
  • Communication devices
  • Toys

  • Maximum working voltage (Vmax) : 12V
  • Maximum current (Imax) : less than 5mA
  • Open circuit resistance: more than 10m
  • On resistance: less than 5ohm
  • Ambient temperature: less than 100c
  • Life expectancy: 500000 times
  • Suitable for the toys, anti-theft alarm system, electronics scales etc electronic product

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